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Fred McAmis

Fred McAmis is an independent Human Resources consultant with over 20 years
experience working inside and outside successful Fortune 500 companies. As a senior
HR professional, he has managed most HR functions with a strong expertise in Training
and Organizational Development.

Fred’s passion and skill in the area of personal and professional development has earned
him the reputation as a master trainer, facilitator and management coach. It is through
these activities that he helps individuals and organizations achieve and go beyond their
stated goals and ambitions.

He started his career in Human Resource at Quantum Corporation in 1986. Fred soon
came to believe, for himself, that to be the most useful as an HR professional he would
need direct line experience. He moved on to Sun Microsystems where he managed an
engineering services group and “walked a mile” in a manager’s shoes. In his five years
at Sun, Fred studied and learned the dynamics of management as well as the dynamics of
large complex organizations. With this experience he returned to the HR function in such
companies as Octel Communications, Autodesk and Hyperion Solutions where he held a
wide variety of senior HR positions.

As an independent consultant since 2007, Fred brings his wealth of experience and
passion into organizations. He consults with managers and executives to help them
optimize themselves and their organizations. As a facilitator, trainer, coach and line HR
professional, he designs and delivers strategic executive off-sites, coaches managers
at all levels, develops and delivers management and leadership training, and supports
organizations through direct line HR roles. His clients range from large Fortune 500
companies, such as Adobe, to technical start-ups, such as StumbleUpon.

Fred holds a BA in Psychology from UC Davis and an MA from JFK University in
Management (Organization Development).