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Gary Merrill

Gary Merrill has, for the last thirty years, investigated and applied the principles of human ecology, psychology and organization development to help groups and individuals successfully navigate the perpetual white water of change. Gary is a process architect, group facilitator, educator and executive coach who has served numerous and varied clients in both the private and public sector and across many manufacturing and service industries, governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and nonprofit organizations.

Gary’s organizational work is dedicated to facilitating the emergence of more viable, vital and sustainable organizations and communities. His individual work is focused primarily on fostering the capacity of leaders to achieve success within the context of the “triple bottom line” and to lead with greater authenticity, meaning and purpose. Gary believes that the “next industrial revolution” is both imperative and underway, and he is at his best when working with people who are eager to lead it.

Gary’s approach to individual and organizational change is strengths-based. He works with clients using instrumentation and appreciative inquiry to foster an understanding of what’s working as well as what’s not. He has found that strategies based on strengths speed implementation and move people and systems faster and more effectively toward their desired future

Since the mid-90s Gary has pioneered the use of interactive computer decision support tools and online meeting environments. He has designed and facilitated interactive strategic planning sessions, focus groups, large-scale virtual conferences and team development meetings using a number of technology platforms. He has recently co-created Third Life Lab, a virtual learning and conference center in Second Life, an online, three-dimensional virtual world. There, he conducts coaching sessions, facilitates experiential team development programs and mentors people learning to work and play in radically new ways.

Gary’s clients include Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Wyse Technology, Whole Foods, the International Monetary Fund, General Motors, Granite Construction, the City of Grand Rapids, Stanford University, Mount Madonna School, the Santa Cruz Hospice Caring Project, and more than two hundred individual coaching clients.

Prior to his work as an external consultant, Gary held senior leadership and human resource management positions in a technology start-up, a major aerospace company, and in the world’s leading career management consulting firm. He holds an A.B. in Human Ecology/Psychology, an M.S. in Clinical and Community Psychology, and several professional certifications.

Gary is an archer, hiker, photographer, gardener, sailor, a devoted husband and father, and a person deeply committed to, as Thomas Berry described it, doing the Great Work of our time.