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Ken Ketch

KenKetchWhen consultant Ken Ketch outlines the foundation of successful business, he speaks from more than three decades of experience in starting, growing and selling businesses. At the core of his management belief system is the confidence that when employees are given the right information, a stake in the outcome, a good process and are held to high standards, they will make profitable decisions.

Ken works with leaders to improve performance through visual cuing of data to build business literacy and further alignment for completion of initiatives. He has taught numerous organizations to improve performance by developing and continuously learning from leading and lagging indicators. “Developing data that supports the right conversations builds business literacy, enables greater freedom of choice, and leads to appropriate allocation of resources.”

In recent projects, Ken applied his business-literacy consulting philosophy to:

  • Facilitating the development and implementation of a strategy for a high-tech organization to make their patented technology an industry standard, resulting for the owners in a high multiple buyout.
  • Designed and installed a business literacy program that helped team members better understand the needs of both the company and their clients. The program resulted in this software-engineering firm becoming the premier source of Java programming in Silicon Valley.
  • Wrote a business and operating plan for a start-up high-tech manufacturing firm, which led to full funding for the organization. Helped a panel processing manufacturer to grow revenues by more 350 percent in one year and increase profitability from 2 percent EBIT to 16 percent, through establishing a reporting and literacy program.

Ken Ketch is the founder of GroupMind Express. In addition to ongoing strategy consulting, Ken is a partner in GroupMind Solutions and president of Elements Manufacturing.

Ken’s board activities include client companies, the Association for Strategic Planning, and past school and civic boards. He has also founded, managed and sold several manufacturing and retail chain companies. Outside the office, Ken enjoys tennis, snow skiing and time with his grandchildren.