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Kristen Jacobsen

Kristen focuses on leadership, teamwork and change. From intervention to entertainment, Kristen is passionate about designing engaging conversations and creating experiences focused on what matters most. Kristen serves as a consultant, designer, facilitator and executive coach.

She has extensive training and experience in the complex nature of leadership and organizational dynamics, and earned her masters in Applied Behavioral Sciences from City University in Seattle. A consultant with Catalyst Consulting Team since 1989, Kristen mentored under Diana Smith of Action Design to gain skills in productive strategic dialogue. With Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, she studied and worked as a Master Coach for Leadership Coaching, Interpersonal Dynamics and Executive Education Courses.

Kristen’s career centers in Silicon Valley, working with Bay Area firms at all stages of development, from pre-IPO to Fortune 500 companies. An innovative designer of learning and transformation, Kristen is requested when learning needs to engage, stimulate and stick. As an external consultant, Kristen has worked with nearly every industry from internet commerce to Hospice, which has provided opportunities to work from Finland to New Zealand. Committed to connecting business and personal dynamics, Kristen currently serves as core faculty on leadership development and coaching engagements for eBay, NetApp, PayPal, Google, Club Med, and Salesforce, as well as smaller organizations and nonprofits.

Kristen has helped to design and currently leads programs and sessions for The American Leadership Forum (ALF), a national organization that brings together groups of diverse community leaders in a year-long program designed to enhance integrative thinking, collaborative leadership, and ongoing commitment to service and community change. The privilege of working with leaders for eighteen days a year is a rare experience, where transformation of leadership mindset and actions is visible.

Kristen’s approach is informed, flexible, practical and strategic. Leaders live in a pressure cooker of challenges and possibilities; Kristen partners to quickly get to the essential questions they face: How can they bring their wisdom to bear? How can they best influence key people and groups? How will they lead change, or convene the conversations that matter most? How can they interrupt habitual ways of interacting to achieve their highest hopes? One of her coachees advises: “Walk into a room, consider the audience, design mindset, and then behave in ways that produce the results you want.”

Kristen lives in Santa Cruz and is proud of her daughter and son, who are both in college. She loves listening to and performing music, reading and engaging new ideas, and surfing big winter waves.