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Larry Lenox

Larry Lenox is a top-flight facilitator with expertise in the design and delivery of highly engaging and impactful programs and interventions. He has general HR management experience in high tech, and more than 20 years of experience as a leader of Learning & Development organizations, including at Cisco Systems and Oracle Corporation.

Lenox coaches senior executives, conducts teambuilding and strategic planning sessions for top teams, leads major change initiatives, and manages conflict resolution sessions between corporate functions. He has designed, developed, and implemented leadership development programs for managers at all levels of an organization, from first line to executives. Larry’s particular expertise is creating high-potential programs for directors and executives.

Prior to working in high tech, Larry spent 9 years at the University of Wisconsin, leading a team to develop human relations training for public schools throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Larry is a graduate of the Columbia University Advanced Program in Organization Development. He holds an MA in Counseling Psychology from San Jose State University and a BA from the University of Wisconsin. He holds multiple certifications in learning programs and interpersonal and assessment instruments. Lenox was mentored by Will Schutz, author of numerous books on human potential and the former director of the Esalen Institute.

Larry is married with two sons and lives in San Jose, California. He enjoys sports and biking.