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Tom Butz

Tom brings a rich and varied career as a clinical psychologist to his consulting work with Catalyst. His unique background enables him to artfully blend an intimate knowledge of organizational psychology, astute skills in communication, and sharp business acumen. As a consultant and trainer, Tom has been described as dynamic and personable, with a real enthusiasm for assisting people and organizations in working together effectively to achieve excellence and accomplish goals.

Tom’s specialty is coming into a company at a variety of levels and working from the inside out to create change. His approach to coaching, strategic alignment, and leadership development invokes trust and instills a desire for growth and high performance among all the members of a team. “I consider myself successful when I work my way out of a job, leaving behind a system that has increased its capacity to sustain its own ongoing development. Whenever a company moves from reacting to proactively managing effective organizational processes, there is always a high-leveraged bottom line return.”

In recent engagements, Tom has:

  • worked with the executive team of a software and hardware manufacturing company that was struggling with fragmentation across business units. After helping this group of executives create and articulate clear strategic goals and direction, Tom was instrumental in helping them develop mechanisms to communicate their new direction throughout the organization. As a result, individual contributors were able to align their day-to-day tasks with the larger purpose and direction of the organization.
  • coached the CEO at a major pharmaceutical company so he could learn to leverage his strengths and minimize the weaknesses in his management style. Tom’s intervention enabled this CEO to coalesce his senior management team to embrace a more dynamic vision of where the company needed to go, and ultimately, to build a much more effective organization.
  • creating a four-day leadership training academy for middle managers at a large telecommunications company. This program, which Tom co-designed and delivered, helped to close specific leadership gaps by creating competencies and capabilities at the middle management level.

Tom is married and has two daughters. Outside of work, he enjoys his family and friends, as well as running, hiking, and traveling.