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Our Mission

Catalyst Consulting Team is a Silicon Valley-based global firm that provides strategic-alignment services that focus on balancing vision/values, strategy and leadership. Our alignment services include organizational consulting, leadership development, executive coaching, team training and online feedback systems. Since 1985, Catalyst has been a pioneer in helping companies “break the mold” through innovative programs that challenge individuals and teams to learn new ways of working together.

Our Values

  • Meaningful Difference

We see as central to our efforts, internally and externally, the importance of adding value. We seek measurable improvements in any endeavor in which we engage: individually, as a group or team, as a company, and as world citizens.

  • Openness with Respect

We speak the truth even when it is difficult. Doing so with respect means that we have an intention to reveal our thoughts and feelings honestly while seeking to learn from others. We recognize that honesty can bring vulnerability to ourselves and others. We treat that vulnerability with respect while maintaining our value of openness. Inherent in our words and actions is respect for the human spirit in every person.

  • Integrity

Our intention is to integrate our words, actions, and values. We seek to learn from the “inevitable gap” that will appear. We recognize that exploring this gap can be a rigorous and sometimes uncharted path. We support each other in learning and pursuing integrity in our lives.

  • Continuous Learning

We value and practice continuous learning. We take the time to stop and reflect on our interactions, collaborations, client engagements and meetings to improve on our processes, satisfaction and quality. We believe, measure and invest in both individual and organizational learning, be it new tools, processes or techniques.

  • The Power of Collaboration

We believe in the value of teamwork, and that working well together yields sublime results. We seek input and participation from others in order to produce the best possible quality. Doing so encourages a richness of thinking and styles and increases the depth and impact of our work.