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At the heart of the Catalyst approach is coaching. Simply put, we help leaders improve their ability to manage and communicate effectively within their organizations. People who participate in Catalyst’s coaching programs increase their ability to clarify important issues, understand other points of view, and make decisions that others support.

Our programs help executives learn how to hold productive conversations that get the desired results. The learning process consists of the coach and learner analyzing 360-degree feedback, observations, and transcribed meeting notes to identify unproductive patterns and learn new leadership behavior. The coach suggests productive alternatives to behavioral patterns, and the executive works to utilize these new behaviors in future situations. The coaching continues until the executive is regularly and reliably getting the desired results from his or her interactions with others.
Executives who participate in our coaching programs receive ongoing support – typically 8-10 hours a month – from a Catalyst coach. This allows them to reinforce the skills they learn during our sessions, as well as to work through real-world situations they face.
For more information, download our article Catalyst Executive Coaching – A Solution to Unproductive Conversations (498 KB PDF).