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Catalyst’s consultants help corporations, government agencies and not-for-profit groups achieve higher levels of productivity through strategic alignment. We work with organizations to identify the challenges they face and provide tools to overcome barriers and embrace change. Our engaging, interactive methodology allows Catalyst clients to develop practical skills for improving communications, setting and reaching goals, and creating new ways of making decisions.

Our clients are highly successful organizations that are facing a range of challenges, such as repositioning themselves for globalization, preparing for rapid growth, implementing new IT infrastructures, or are restructuring, merging or acquiring other firms. We work with them to assess and improve their change-management practices, clarify their goals and initiatives, stimulate strategic dialogue and upgrade their core competencies.

Catalyst consultants are proud of what we do because we know that organizations that work with us experience real, sustainable change. Using a variety of proven best practices – including Web-based technologies, practical management models and visual facilitation tools – we work with senior-level executives to expedite decision making and conduct organizational assessments to provide feedback on their current realities. This information is then used to create a practical, actionable roadmap for success that can be implemented in the work environment.

Our consulting services are offered in a participatory environment that encourages honest, frank dialogue, with the goal of transferring the practical skills that will help executives address future challenges.