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Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment is a state in which the energies of people within an organization are focused on achieving strategic goals and carrying out strategic initiatives. We help organizations deliver on the promise of their strategies by getting everyone committed to a common purpose, values, set of strategic goals, and initiatives.

Sound strategies depend on sound implementation, and creating a plan is only the first step to achieving a shared vision. Our Strategic Alignment consulting services provide a proven methodology to help organizations execute on their plans and ensure that all employees are focused on activities that generate the most traction in achieving collective goals. For more than 20 years Catalyst has helped organizations implement their strategies and has developed best practices for strategy implementation and change management. We have come to recognize that there are three crucial aspects in strategy implementation, and we specialize in helping organizations manage these phases to implement their strategic visions successfully.
Creative Tension
Develop a common language and framework for strategic thinking
Manage the way people actually respond to change
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