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BigPicture™ Overview

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Groups succeed not because their members work hard, but because they work smart. The BigPicture™ simulation was developed to help align people at all levels in an organization to achieve a common goal. The program fosters collaboration across teams and an understanding of the roles of leadership and vision within an organization. Participants also learn the importance of flexible thinking when customers’ expectations change.

Participants are assigned to roles within a hierarchical organization, including work team members, managers and executives. Work teams focus on resolving issues of interdependencies regarding color, texture, scale, customer needs, costs, and time to market. Managers and executives drive their teams to meet milestones, ship dates, budgets, and to take ownership of the final product. The goal of the simulation is to enlarge a small picture into a wall-sized BIG PICTURE. To accomplish this objective, team members manage the production of a wall-sized 8′ x 5′ mural to a customer’s specifications. Success comes from focusing on the critical objectives and processes that create the BIG picture.

The program lasts half a day, including debrief, and can be held in a large conference room or meeting hall. It is designed for 20-50 participants per organization (multiple sessions can be held concurrently). Download BigPicture™ Brochure (125KB PDF).

Learning Objectives

  • Practice organizational alignment to satisfy and delight customers
  • Identify ways to foster “horizontal” communication within groups
  • Address the challenge of identifying a common vision and implementing a single, unified strategy
  • Reinforce organizational alignment, collaboration across teams, the power of leaders and members, and the importance of flexible thinking