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Coaching On The Ropes

Catalyst created this dynamic team-building and management-training program so our clients can experience how they can far exceed their expectations and goals.

Coaching on the Ropes provides an exciting way to learn three styles of coaching: Self Coaching, Peer Coaching and Team Coaching. Practicing these three styles of coaching on outdoor ropes courses gives participants first-hand experience and immediate feedback.

Like many of Catalyst’s programs, Coaching on the Ropes creates physical metaphors for the day-to-day situations that organizations and individuals face. We use a variety of challenging events – including a “Giant’s Ladder,” Balance Pole, and Zipline – to demonstrate the three coaching styles. Participation requires no special physical conditioning, and individuals make their own decisions about how they can best participate.

Self Coaching teaches participants how to attain optimal performance by balancing a mastery of proficiency with ever-increasing challenges. People understand that by creating the right blend of challenge and skill they experience optimal performance. Applying this to real-world work settings increases personal satisfaction and productivity by giving participants the experience of working in “The Zone.”

Peer Coaching addresses the common workplace scenario of individuals needing to work in concert to overcome the challenges they face. Peer coaching applies three key ingredients:

  1. the power of setting self-imposed goals
  2. the basis of relationships – establishing trust
  3. the potency of guiding awareness during performance

Team Coaching helps groups understand the critical difference between a good team and a high-performance team. This kind of coaching helps groups learn to integratecollective and personal goals. When members become aware of each others’ personal objectives, teams create an environment in which the collective is greater than the parts.

Many of Catalyst’s Challenge Courses are held in a unique and beautiful setting among the redwoods in Santa Cruz, California; our Ropes programs are also held at other centers and sites around the country. Group sizes can be from six to 50 people, and programs range from four hours to a full day.