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Customer Intimacy

Successful organizations know that they need to see their customers as more than just sources of revenue. Catalyst’s Customer Intimacy simulation is designed to help participants personalize the customer-relationship experience. The focus of this simulation is to move beyond seeing buyers as numbers on a spreadsheet, and instead realize that they are creating solutions for real people. Participants explore how they personalize their efforts to become trusted contributors for their customers.

Many companies realize that they need to go beyond organizational excellence and product leadership and develop intimacy with their customers in order to succeed in the marketplace. Customer Intimacy involves the learner in a process of receiving an order and manufacturing a product to meet customers’ specifications. A surprise “twist” in the program creates a deep emotional connection with the buyer and leaves a lasting impression of the importance of truly connecting with the customer.

This is a half-day program designed for employees at all levels.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the value of customer intimacy
  • Connect individuals to their customers’ dreams and aspirations
  • Develop plans to increase customer satisfaction
  • Practice techniques to increase levels of customer intimacy