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Team Edge

Catalyst created the TeamEdge program to focus on the dynamics of teamwork and to leverage the diversity of individuals in a team context. In simple terms, teamwork requires the cooperation of two or more people who are working toward a shared outcome. TeamEdge is based on a series of challenging timed simulations that require participants to work together to solve problems and “break through” personal and group boundaries.

Like Catalyst’s other Experiential Learning activities, TeamEdge provides metaphors for situations that team members encounter in their workplaces, including problem identification, group decision making and unified execution. Participants learn valuable teamwork skills by participating in mentally and physically challenging exercises such as Amazon Crossing, Blindfold Double Squares, Ski-Out and Triple Juggle. The program’s activities and facilitated discussions allow participants to make connections between their immediate visceral experience and the personal and team interactions in their work environments.

The core of this program is the Team Development Model created by Bruce Tuckman. This is based on four stages—Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing—that illustrate the phases of decision making in a team context.

TeamEdge is frequently used by our clients as a team-building and leadership-training course. This half-day or full-day outdoor program is geared towards groups of 12 led by a facilitator.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to develop teams and manage the dynamics
  • Develop skills in team problem solving and decision making
  • “See” perceived barriers and discover news ways of responding to challenges
  • Understand the value of teamwork and collaborative communication