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At Catalyst we know that putting theory into practice is the best way to create real change within organizations. That’s   why our clients rely on our engaging, relevant training programs to help build agile and adaptive leaders and teams.

People need good information and they need practice to apply it. Catalyst creates training programs that integrate the learner intellectually, emotionally and physically by translating management theory into useful best practices and skills. All of our design modules include training content, skill-building practice, and back-at-work application. We build on the latest research to ensure that our material is based on fundamentally sound principles and allow participants to test new behaviors in an interactive forum.

Our blended learning methodology facilitates the learning process by delivering content through Web-based rich-media presentations and practicing the skills in live classroom sessions. Our partner, Spotlight Technologies, brings the best in online presentations to create content that is relevant, engaging and keeps the learner engaged. We believe that by combining online presentations with experiential classroom learning, the world of theory comes to life in action.