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Collaborating and Building a Business Network

In today’s fast-paced economy, traditional “top-down” hierarchies have given way to fluid structures. Groups are often created to handle specific projects, and find themselves working without the direction of a formal team. Catalyst developed this program to help individuals create their own social networks to advance and achieve the integration of more responsive customer solutions and to leverage organizational efficiencies.

This program focuses on how to influence and collaborate with others across an organization, and to reach beyond the “silos.” Participants examine their real-world situations and develop the skills and plans to execute their projects through informal social networks. The key to success is the ability to identify and coordinate with the right people within their own companies.

This two-day course was designed for individuals who have decision-making responsibilities in a complex environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to collaborate effectively across internal boundaries
  • Influence stakeholders throughout an organization
  • Identify the pertinent network and ways to influence execution on key initiatives
  • Learn to appreciate and work with a diversity of personal styles