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Creating Productive Conversations

The effectiveness of workplace conversations – from strategy meetings to staff meetings – determines in large part how successful a company can be. Organizations must create an environment in which information can be openly shared and discussed so that decisions are well-developed and informed. Unfortunately, many executives fail to understand the “technology” of human conversations and interactions, and the result is that non-productive behaviors are repeated and reinforced. Creating Productive Conversations is a course that helps leaders hold conversations that get the desired results.

Effective leadership requires that we reframe our communications to be something more than a means of solving problems and influencing others. In Productive Conversations, we are constantly exploring, challenging and testing our ideas and solutions with others. To do that, it takes a change of mind and set of skills about how we communicate with others to shift toward productive exchange and reasoning. These exchanges expedite informed decision making.

The learning process consists of:
Analysis of transcribed meetings, identification of unproductive patterns, and re-crafting of dialogues
Development of productive alternative behavioral patterns
Execution of these alternative behaviors in future meetings. Coaching continues until the executive or manager is regularly and reliably getting desired results from their interactions with others
This two- or three-day course was created for executives, managers and project leaders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand defensive habits that lead to unproductive interactions
  • Gain the ability to design communications that produce desired results
  • Learn to listen for the productive reasoning and logic of the conversation
  • Learn to advocate views and openly test ideas with others