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Vision + Strategy

Strategic alignment is key for organizations that are developing new goals and initiatives. Companies achieve alignment by ensuring that individuals and teams are working toward a common goal within the context of a shared vision. Vision + Strategy is a program for intact management teams and work groups that helps them focus on their critical priorities and plan how to best leverage their resources. This program connects the dots between an individual’s role and responsibilities and how his or her efforts support the team and the strategies of their organizations.

The goal this program is to help organizations transform their visions into action. We created Vision + Strategy as a teambuilding and planning session to help align a team’s efforts toward the strategy of the company, and to empower managers to implement the principles of strategic alignment. The course uses a variety of creative exercises that allow teams to have candid and honest conversations; individuals create new ways to collaborate within their own groups and with other teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Teach managers to implement strategic alignment
  • Create fresh ways for teams to work toward a common goal
  • Develop practical language for strategic-thinking activities
  • Develop teamwork skills that move the organization forward