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Web Collaboration

Support Meetings & Decisions Connect Team Projects Gather & Share Information
• Presentations & interaction

• Group decision support

• Stakeholder alignment

• Team workspaces

• Dashboards

• Shared documents

• Flexible surveys

• Organization & 360 assessments

• Interactive intranets

Modern communications technologies, including the Internet, video conferencing and online collaboration tools, have fundamentally changed how we work. Catalyst Consulting Team has created a suite of powerful Web-based tools to help organizations achieve strategic alignment and improve their productivity by enabling teams to work together more effectively.

At the core of our approach is the concept of the GroupMind – the idea that mining the collective ideas of a group improves the ability of teams to make smarter, more informed decisions. Through the use of Web collaboration, individuals can focus their efforts toward a shared purpose and goals. Research shows that “face time” does not necessarily improve productivity. In fact, the Harvard Business Review recently reported that distributed teams that conduct their work virtually rather than in person are far more effective in achieving their goals – if they use the right kinds of technology.

For more than a decade, Catalyst clients have used our Web-collaboration tools to increase creativity and innovation and improve their bottom line by reducing their cycle times and development costs. This cross-boundary approach is based on the following principles:

Team Environments

Virtual teams are often are forced to rely on tools such as email and shared hard drives that facilitate communication but not collaboration. At the same time, online meeting applications (such as videoconferencing) do not have the ability to create a home base for all team members. Because team members may not be in the same physical location, it is critical to establish a “home base” on the Web to provide continuity, a sense of space, efficiencies, and centralization of common resources.

Catalyst’s GroupMind Express provides the framework for virtual teams to “use technology to simulate reality.” Among the features of this software package are:

  • Team/project overviews
  • Bios of team members
  • Planning tools
  • Internal and client project management
  • File sharing and uploads
  • Prioritization and assignment of action items
  • Postings and comments
  • Presentations
  • Workflow

Web Meetings: Raising Collective Intelligence

Recent studies demonstrate that teleconferences and online meetings do not improve productivity or effectiveness because they fail to provide a framework within which the team members can collaborate. GroupMind Express is the only pure Web-based meeting application that provides meeting facilitation and software tools such as flipcharts without requiring plug-ins or special downloads. This collaborative platform provides a universally accessible Web-based workspace that:

  • Promotes conversations about difficult issues
  • Creates transparency and follow-through on key initiatives
  • Builds shared knowledge and buy-in regarding organizational changes

GroupMind Express allows team members to work together to:

  • Show presentations
  • Brainstorm
  • Sort and categorize data
  • Conduct customized polling and voting
  • Communicate with an online discussion tool
  • Run meetings at the same time in different places or at different times in different places.

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