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David Spungin

David is an Organization Development (OD) Consultant, Corporate Trainer, and Executive Coach whose focus is on helping managers transform to high-performing leaders. He believes that the single greatest way to increase leader effectiveness is by growing an individual’s self-awareness and self-management abilities. He values working with people who are analytical, appreciate directness, and who demand practicality from their professional development experiences. His approach is to continuously strive to push clients beyond their comfort zones while providing a supportive and trusting environment for risk-taking and growth to occur.

A combat veteran with corporate leadership experience, David customizes and facilitates leadership development training and team development, cultural assessment and change management programs, as well as providing executive coaching services. His experience at West Point and years as a Cavalry Officer in the U.S. Army taught the importance of demonstrating strong character and high credibility, how to develop trusting and highly accountable teams, and how to be an empathetic leader who serves others before self.

Following military service, as business development manager for a multi-billion dollar company he helped grow his business unit to nearly $400 million. He joined a mid-sized consulting firm and successfully directed project teams to deliver professional services to federal government agencies, noting that leadership was often missing in many of these organizations, which led to a return to his original passion: coaching, training, and mentoring leaders. David consults, trains and coaches primarily with Fortune 500 companies, including Facebook, Google, Pivotal Labs, Schlumberger, and the U.S. Marine Corps.

David has explored various leadership philosophies, methodologies and tools, from somatic learning to highly experiential pedagogies like the NTL T-Group or Harvard’s Case-In-Point process, and has gained an appreciation for what really works and what doesn’t. He holds an MS in Organization Development from American University and is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified executive coach with certifications in MBTI, DiSC, PMAI, and EQ-I 2.0 personality/behavioral assessment tools. David is located in Colorado.