Linda Keegan

Linda has more than 25 years of executive coaching, consulting and management experience. She works with clients and partners to build individual leadership competencies in communications, decision making, handling conflict, delegating, planning, defining strategic priorities, increasing influence capabilities and team building.

Linda develops and implements leadership and management training programs, in addition to designing and facilitating corporate offsites intended to establish commitment to direction and purpose. Her work with teams includes building capacity by helping groups develop their vision and mission and clarify roles, resolve conflict with teams, superiors, and peers, and integrate new members or executives.

Linda’s coaching approach is both insight- and action-oriented and her approach is direct and practical. Clients gain increased self-awareness and clarity as well as the courage to take on the difficult work of change. Using her knowledge of organizational systems, large-scale change and group dynamics, she helps clients handle tough conversations, decisions and situations, with a focus on developing new solutions to recurring organizational barriers and overcoming limiting mindsets.

Linda’s professional background includes running Apple University, the development and training arm of Apple Computer, and VP of Executive Development at Citibank, where she headed the installation of a management development program that is still implemented in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Linda has worked in high tech, semiconductor, public relations, manufacturing, banking and the telecom sectors. She has consulted for Adobe, A&R Edelman Public Relations, Barnes & Noble, Cisco, Citibank, EMI Music, Eventbrite, Facebook, Intuit, Loral Space Systems, Oracle, Palm, Rambus, Synopsys, SanDisk, and several start-ups.

Linda’s work is richly informed by Action Science and the communication work of Chris Argyris. She utilizes various assessment tools: KornFerry Profiler, Strength Deployment Inventory, Kilman’s Conflict Node instrument, Gallup Strengthfinder, Firo-B, and Kouze and Posner’s Leadership Challenge LPI 360, among others.

Linda is a member of the board of directors for Acknowledge Alliance, a Mountain View-based nonprofit organization that specializes in teaching emotional intelligence in schools. She maintains a strong interest in intercultural issues and travels frequently in the US, Asia and Europe.