Paul Stout

Paul is an innovator in all phases of instructional design, development, and evaluation, with a critical focus on the intersection of organizational development and performance improvement. He is an acclaimed designer of highly interactive, leader-led experiential courses across a range of topics, with particular emphasis on management and leadership development. His strong facilitation, executive coaching, and interdisciplinary team leadership allow him to address change management issues surrounding training development and performance improvement projects.

For the last 30 years, Paul has partnered with dozens of companies in the high-tech arena to promote and develop their staff, address critical change management initiatives, and coach leaders on both their own personal development as well as how to tackle significant organizational development issues. He counts companies such as Google, Inc. (now Alphabet, Inc.), Apple Computer, HP and Xerox among his many clients. He was particularly instrumental in helping Google grow into the global powerhouse it is today, beginning his work with the company when it had only 450 employees. He continues to consult, facilitate, and coach its leaders today.

Paul has experience in cross-cultural and international learning environments and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, with some knowledge of French, German, and Italian, and significant experience with highly technical audiences. He has an MS in Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation, and is certified in MBTI and Situational Leadership.